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Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back. Bad Religion, a copout, that is all that's left Hey Mr. Mime, stop wasting my time, With your factory precision. Factory precision is your Bad Religion, regurgitate Indecision, it's not too late. Bad Religion, Bad Religion. Don't you know the place you live's a piece of shit? Don't you know blind faith through lies won't conquer it Don't you know responsibility is ours?

Listen this time, it's more than a rhyme, It's your indecision. Your indecision is your Bad Religion, regurgitate Indecision, it's not too late. Bad Religion, regurgitate Indecision, it's not too late. Along The Way I refuse to abuse what is kind to the Muse, But it's there and it's happening to me along the way. As we go through the snow, we cannot forget our foes, But the dinner's always waiting at the table 'long the way, yeah.

What you see, not for me, isn't what you planned to be, But you'll have what you wanted in the end along the way. And we'll try as we cry and our brothers pass us by, To be strong through the ages of our tears along the way, yeah. Now we grow as we show that the morals we must know Will be shapen and mistaken by the falls along the way.

But forget, don't regret, to find love and happiness Unless you're willing to be strong when they are gone along the way. Like Tommy, you are free, and you will not follow me, Until we see each other once more on the path along the way. New Leaf When everybody dies around you, from someone else's gun, It really makes you stop and think about the years to come. Something good had to happen to the human race. We all had better stop hoping and set our heads on straight. You've gotta turn over a new leaf, 'Cause that old one's turning on you.

We've gotta turn over a new leaf. If the future's only hoped for, we are doomed. Today is over, it's already shot, so we can think about ourselves. They keep on working on our nature, they're saying that can only help. Start throwing out your pockets, keep what you really only need.

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Save life and earth and water, there can't be any other need. You've gotta turn over a new leaf. And let your love come on through. We've gotta turn over a new leaf, A new, a new, a new. It's Only Over When Chasing The Wild Goose there was a man who banged his head against a wall he banged for 20 years, the damn thing wouldn't fall he left an honest life he left a broken wife he left it all behind, just to see what he could find millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight to conquer loneliness they'll chase it all their lives and when they find it they can just lay down and die it seems the game is mostly pointless in the presence of the prize.

Billy Gnosis a crack developed and a name blew in billy gnosis, weak and thin he moved to california to start a new life because back in his hometown he just killed his wife oh billy can't remember his name billy gnosis was going insane and soaked in blue light he played and played i can still hear the sound he made Time And Disregard Part One from the bird and the deer who live on the same to the condominiums that litter the plain it took time Part Four from the wild natural wonderland from which we all came to the cement and metal that lost all the game it took time The Dichotomy hey did you find the pieces your mentor left behind?

Million Days when you're sitting alone, frown and groan over your bad day when you're laughing with peers forget your years, then be on your way but don't forget, all the while that you've crossed the social mile and a million days is worth one good laugh but don't forget, all the while that you've crossed the social mile and a million days is worth one good laugh. Losing Generation the systems of life hum accordingly every day, every year, every century but, everywhere humans go things get worse can't you tell through the smoke in the dirty city the jungle was once a tranquil hideaway for the kind of trees and the mountains themselves but man those things sell a million dollars a pound cut them up, dry them out, good display for the shelves why can't we just leave them alone?

You Give Up so News From the Front Blood is a river, Flowing darkly amidst the tangled roots of the tall shining city Crazy flowing mantide migrations Engorge the big ventricle of heartbroken America So many heaven hoping, hopeful groping breathers All tap together quietly and desperately in unison Hey, hey, hey, is anybody listening? News from the front News from the front We're living in troubled times So many fighting for their lives Why do the troops despise the news from the front? Ignorance is the root of fear Fear is the kindling of anger War is the bringer of shame But never has the burden lain so heavily upon the victim Rage and desolation Pain and loneliness Isn't it all alarmingly familiar?

Hey, hey, hey, silence is a killer. News from the front News from the front Yeah these are troubled times How many more will have to die Before the governors can't deny the news from the front? Break down the barriers, ally the carriers, What is your motivation? Take a good look in the mirror News from the front News from the front So many are fighting for their lives How many more will have to die?

Why does the government decry the news from the front? Markovian Process You will all say that I am surely crazy Only an unrepentant pessimist whose thoughts should be detained But facts are sterile, not vulgar nor sublime And they're not religion, they're for everyone And signify the times Today is a window, tomorrow the landscape All you need to do is take a look outside To know what we're bound to face The level of disparity The common man The manner of destruction of the native land The poverty of reprisal from all involved And the scathing trajectory from the past Markovian process lead us not in vain Prove to our descendants what we did to them Then make us go away Leaders and Followers There's the image of a man Who commands a high opinion And he hides his hatred with a sheepish grin And beside him flanking closely Are the boisterous hollow masses Who lap up whatever trickles in This intercourse of nature, This vulgar social pastime Reflects the lowest mark of our progress And the few who ride peripheral Maintain subtle advantage Fighting hard to abstain and redress Tell me do you know your place In the big parade?

Are you more than they? Leaders and followers Leaders and followers Recognition by proximity And a brand new face Just a smidgen of success pie And a pinch of social grace You can play with the big boys Or you can tell them what to do But sooner or latter there's another one like you The voyeuristic public Of which we're all a part Maintains perspective on the human play And while many have desires Of joining in the show Many turn and go the other way Tell me do you know your place In the big charade?

Are you fear and shame? You Are The Government hey, sit down and listen and they'll tell you when you're wrong eradicate but vindicate as "progress" creeps along puritan work ethic maintains its subconscious edge as old glory maintains your consciousness there's a loser in the house and a puppet on a stool and a crowded way of life and a black reflecting pool and as the people bend the moral fabric dies then country can't pretend to ignore its peoples' cries you are the government you are jurisprudence you are the volition you are jurisdiction and I make a difference too 2. How Much Is Enough?

I've seen a lot of things in 5 years I struggle just to hold back the tears but every fuckin' where I go I see the pathos that I know will spell the termination of us all someone's got to tell me, do you see that everything around you has a hidden tragedy? I Give You Nothing Tom Clement hey, everybody's looking but they never can see all the angst, corruption and the dishonesty think about the times and places you've never known you're a manswarm atom and yet you're alone so I give you me I give you nothing!

Land Of Competition see, there's a girl who's afraid of the world so she stays at home also, a boy who seems so lost in his joy he's all alone the camera's on them, they're in the land of competition southern california air feeds them and they know they're the best 'cuz of the way they are dressed you can bet you are not welcome in their home hey, see there's a girl who sits and watches the world from her blue screen also a boy who truly wants to destroy his hometown scene they both want to travel to the land of competition southern california will destroy them and they won't be the best, they'll be the poseurs who dress like the plastic idiots who they copy tell me what do you need to make you happy?

Forbidden Beat there was a boy who had too many toys and an ache inside of his bones he sought extrication through chemical vocation and now he answers to Jones it's deadly and alluring the sound of pounding heat enslaving all who dare succumb to the temptations of the forbidden beat thinking today of what I want to say thinking of inhibition and vice what they call straight I do relegate as I cautiously saltate along it thunders away at first light of each day and the simpleton lifestyle evolves, but soon enters dusk as the last surrey rusts and a new day, upon us, results 8.

Best For You above us lay the burdens below us lay the truth we're somewhere in the middle and we're all discontent too is someone watching over you? Suffer did you ever see the concrete stares of everyday? Delirium Of Disorder life is the sieve through which my anarchy strains resolving itself into works chaos is the score upon which reality is written the timeless, swirling gyroscopic horde Delirium delirium of disorder I am just an atom in an ectoplasmic sea without direction or a reason to exist the anechoic nebula rotating in my brain is persuading me, contritely, to persist Part II The Numbers Game it's superficial progress they call it liberation with opiates of silicon big brother schemes to rule the nation we're one nation under god we stand above the rest with mighty high technology we're never second best our specialty is infiltration!

What Can You Do? Do What You Want hey, do what you want but don't do it around me idleness and dissipation breed apathy I sit on my ass all goddamn day a misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to say what you must, do all you can break all the fucking rules and go to hell with superman and die like a champion ya hey! Part IV The Index Fossil we're widespread and well fed the earth's rotating fate is in our head we're dominant and prominent and all our deities omnipotent and immortality is in our mastermind and we destroy everything we can find and tomorrow when the human clock stops and the world stops ticking we'll be an index fossil buried in our own debris we're listless, promiscuous and life to us is either hit or miss we're savior-faire and debonair and things we do are done with pride and care Pessimistic Lines so here we are again to experience the bitter, scalding end and we're the only ones who can perceive it but others sing of beauty and the story that has enfolded as one that deserves praise and ritual my pessimistic lines your superstitious lives and the modern age's lies won't absolve you and the professorial truth and the dear clairvoyant youth and, of course, the nightly news will deceive you watch out.

Change Of Ideas well the sheaves have all been brought, but the fields have washed away and the palaces now stand where the coffins all were laid and the times we see ahead we must glaze with rosy hues for we don't wish to admit what it is we have to lose millennia in coming the modern age is here it sanctifies the future yet renders us with fear so many theories, so many prophecies what we do need is a change of ideas when we are scared we can hide in our reveries but what we need is a change of ideas change of ideas, change of ideas what we need now is a change of ideas 2.

Big Bang this isn't another new fashion or a new wave plastic trend everybody's searching for something but in the mean time let's all just pretend I've got this feeling and I don't know what it is this room is overcrowded, man, and I need air to breath big bang, big crunch you know there's no free lunch kneel down and pray here comes your judgment day big crunch, you know it's going to be quite a show what goes around always comes around a million hopeless faces dwell within protected walls all waiting for a moment in their lives when they can heed the clarion call and it's all so oppressive my mind feels like a sieve this city is overcrowded, man, and I need room to live I think of the countless shadows that have all come and gone all suffering in the notion of better things to come if you share these beliefs you know I wish you well 'cause there's no room left in heaven and there's sure no room in hell!

No Control culture was the seed of proliferation but it has gotten melded into an inharmonic whole consciousness has plagued us and we can not shake it though we think we're in control questions that besiege us in life are testament of our helplessness "there's no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end" Hutton, when we all disintegrate it will all happen again time is so rock solid in the minds of the hoards but they can't explain why it should slip away history and future are the comforts of our curiosity but here we are rooted in the present day if you came to conquer you'll be king for a day but you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away and believe these words you hear when you think your path is clear we have no control we do not understand you have no control you are not in command!

Sometimes It Feels Like Automatic Man he's the latest super hero with powers so profound he can leap a dotted line in just a single bound I know you must have seen him in books and magazines he's the quintessential, mindless, modern epicene his life is meaningful because he get things done bang bang he's dead chalk up another triumph for our hero the automatic man it's true you must have met him he's your best friend and your foe his opinions are determined by the status quo a true creature of habit he smokes three packs a day when he has an original thought he forgets it right away he's a paradigm of carefree living he's our mentor disturb him if you can he's the answer if your peace of mind is lacking he's our savior he is the common man so if you are troubled by the daily bump and grind then take a careful look around and brother you will find I Want To Conquer The World hey brother christian with your high and mighty errand your actions speak so loud I can't hear a word you're saying hey sister bleeding heart with all of your compassion your labors soothe the hurt but can't assuage temptation hey man of science with your perfect rules of measure can you improve this place with the data that you gather hey mother mercy can your loins bear fruit forever?

I want to conquer the world give all the idiots a brand new religion put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil promote equality in all of my decisions with a quick wink of the eye and a "god you must be joking! Sanity there's a watch in my pocket and its hands are broken the face is blank but the gears are turning confusion is a fundamental state of mind it doesn't really matter what I'm figuring out I'm guaranteed to wind up in a state of doubt and sanity is a full-time job in a world that is always changing and sanity is a state of mind that you believe in sanity there's a shadow on the wall where the paint is peeling my body's moving forward but my mind is reeling depression is a fundamental state of being it doesn't really matter how my day has turned out I always end up living in this world of doubt 8.

Henchman stranded in a life in which your struggle for acceptance is a never-ending chore upbraided for your actions past and present and rewarded for ideas of the future's bright open door the henchman is the human analogue of the suffering multitudes who like good dogs sit and lick for their reward so what good advice have I got for you to insure against your likely metamorphosis into this reprobate? It Must Look Pretty Appealing the wheat waving next to you is healthy and so fine as is dinner with your loved-ones every day but your routine is changeless through the decades of your life green pastures, open spaces, holy ways and it must look pretty appealing the acres of lights the crowded festive nights and the millions of others just like you it must look pretty appealing this other world of sin we keep dreaming of what other people do the person sitting next to you is dismal and deranged on the bus ride home from work to end your day and the food on your table is more plastic than protein and your intellect depends on your TV and it must look pretty appealing the pastoral retreat the folks on old main street and the few pleasant people just like you it must look pretty appealing the simple way of life we keep dreaming of what other people do but we never do what other people do you're too scared of other people not like you You there's a place where everyone can be happy it's the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin' world it's made of candy canes and planes and bright, red choo choo trains and the meanest little boys the most innocent little girls and you know, I wish that I could go there it's a road that I have not found and I wish you the best of luck, dear, drop a card or letter to my side of town 'cause there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend but baby I'm amazed by the hate that you can send and you painted my entire world but I don't have the terpentine to clean what you have soiled and I won't forget it there's a place where everyone can be right even though you remain determined to be opposed admittance requires no qualifications it's where everyone has been and where everybody goes so please try not to be impatient for we all hate standing in line and when the farm is good and bought you'll be there without a thought and eternity my friend, is a long fuckin' time Progress and progress is not intelligently planned it's the facade of our heritage the odor of our land they speak of progress in red, white and blue it's the structure of the future as demise comes seething through it's progress 'til there's nothing left to gain as the dearth of new ideas makes us wallow in our shame so before you go to contribute more to the destruction of this world you adore remember life on earth is but a flash of dawn and we're all part of it as the day rolls on and progress is a message that we send one step closer to the future one inch closer to the end I say progress is a synonym of time we are all aware of it but it's nothing we refine and progress is a debt we all must pay it's convenience we all cherish it's pollution we disdain and the cutting edge is dulling too many folks to plow through just keep your fuckin' distance and it can't include you!

I Want Something More going through a world of sad debris regard quixotic reveries of ownership the blossoming disease of man called tenure and accretion the ancient western treadmill of deception and derision but I want something more racing through a life of tragic wastage I experience the loss of trust and innocence the billowing cyclone of time has blown away our reasons as we trudge like blind men forward trying to avoid collision but I want something more Anxiety it's a love song to the self a story recapped every day it's a world of bogus feelings and a world of slow decay it's a world of laughter hidden by this world of fear and torment a game of strange compulsion, our visceral convulsion anxiety for love of life anxiety for pain anxiety, a feeling that you know you can't contain anxiety destroys us but it drives the common man foundation of society anxiety suppress it if you can the caste of coffee-achievers didn't perform like they planned the morning rush hour traffic is our play of false elan so run around your frantic track and lay you down to sleep tomorrow's the redemption we strive for that exception anxiety for love of life anxiety for pain anxiety, a fear that you have nothing more to gain anxiety destroys us but it drives the common man foundation of society anxiety suppress it if you can what are we angry for?

Billy I can recall the warm youth of a summer day, yeah: The sweetest lemonade, the darkest game arcade, And Billy had a yearning in the corner of his mind. It moved him secretly. It moved him powerfully. But prescience was lacking and the present was not all And his aptitudes were carelessly wasted. And challenging life with the abandon of a fool, He squandered the hours of his day. Then darkness and disorder slapped him sharply in the face, yeah. It hit him like a friend, struck something deep within. He couldn't break the chain of slow decay that seemed to drag him Just like a fatal tie toward the other side.

And Billy was a lunatic, just barking at the moon, And his brain was totally wasted. He then exchanged his friends for a needle and a spoon And he threw his future away. Bolt the door and throw away the key. Your dim reflection is all that you can see. So where is the justice when no one is at fault And a human life is tragically wasted? How fragile is the flame that burns within us all To light each passing day?

The World Won't Stop Without You you've got to quit your little charade and join the freak parade now that your road has been paved from conception to your grave there are enormous things to do others' practices to eschew to be better than you is impossible to do but the world won't stop without you! Modern Man I've got nothing to say, I've got nothing to do, all om my neruons are functioning smoothly yet still i'm a cyborg just like you, i am one big myoma that thinks, my planet supports only me, i've got this one big problem: will i live forever?

Turn On The Light I had a friend who kept a candle in his pocket, he used to touch it when the wind was blowing high, I guess it made him feel like he could buck the system and when it flickered out we laid him down to die, turn on the light, turn on a million blinding brilliant white incendiary lights, a beacon in the night, I'll burn relentlessly until my juice runs dry I'll construct a rack of tempered beams and trusses and equip it with a million tiny suns, I'll install upon the roof of my compartment and place tinfoil on my floor and on my walls, then I'll turn on the light Get Off lascivious, it's all that I can think of as I drag my feet, searching like a diogenes, dangerous, the adjectives of the decade and of your alluring intricacies, I can see your green-screen mentality and I can feel the sting of it's consequence, and I know I shouldn't but it's too much to ignore, an emotion I deplore, every time I look at you, I just want do it, I can clench my fist right through it but I just want to get off rectilinear, this direction we've been heading never realizing we are on a runaway machine, angular, the momentum that does turn us one step further on our ladder, one more turn toward the east, I realize your green-screen mentality and I know it is shared by many more, I know it's quite impossible but I am damned to find a way to revolve the other way, every time I scrutinize I just say "screw it", we're on a ride down a blind conduit and I just want to get off 4.

Blenderhead flying through a dark prismatic tunnel on a carousel, the earth is turning and you know it very well, your mind is reeling like ten helicopters wheeling and you're gonna hit the ceiling like a mallet on a bell, hey, blenderhead, they're starting to ask questions, your transgressions are a danger flashing sign, challenge conventions and radiate your splendor and feel those flywheels churn on your blenderhead tally up the gleaming ventured in a wishing well, each shining trinket has a story it can tell, your moments pining like those tales all intertwining can become the rusted lining of a deep neglected shell, hey, blenderhead, you ask so many questions, your confusion's a life-affirming sign, break from tradition and carry on with valor and feel those flywheels churn your blenderhead 5.

The Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking let's gather 'round the carcass of the old deflated beast, we have seen it through the accolades and rested in it's lea, syntactic is our elegance, incisive our disease, the swath endogenous of ourselves will be our quandary, we've nestled in it's hollow and we've suckled at it's breast, grandiloquent in attitude, impassioned yet inept, frivolous gavel our design, ludicrous or threat, excursive expeditions leave us holding less and less, so what does it mean? Anesthesia everybody is talking about the girl who went and killed the delivery man, but she looks so kind and gentle, it just doesn't stand to reason, I saw her right there just the other night as stately as a slot machine, but when she looked my way something mad as hell came over me, anesthesia, mona lisa, I've got a little gun, here comes oblivion, I never loved you, how did you find me?

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I remember your face that august night when we lied about the beautiful time to come and that crazy old man who came much to late and caused a chain reaction, I've been hanging out there for eleven long years like a church mouse where the cat has gone, and looking at you now is driving me to distraction 7. Flat Earth Society lie lie lie Faith Alone Heard a sermon from a creaky pul pit with no one in the nave I paid a visit to the synagogue and I left there feeling blame No one could tell me what to do, they had not the capacity to answer me What the world needs now is some answers to our problems We can't buy more time 'cause our tender isn't valid If your soul needs love you can get consoled by pity But it looks as though faith alone won't sustain us no more Watched the scientists throw up their hands conceding, "progress will resolve it all" Saw the manufacturers of earth's debris ignore another green peace call No one could tell me what to do, no one had the ability to answer me What the world needs now is some accountability We can't buy more time 'cause time won't accept our money If your soul needs love you can always have my pity But it looks as though faith alone won't sustain us no more What the world needs now is some answers to our problems We can't buy more time 'cause our tender isn't valid What the world needs now is some accountability If your soul needs love you can get consoled by pity But faith alone won't sustain us anymore faith alone won't sustain us anymore 9.

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Entropy random blobs of power expressed as that which we all disregard, ordered states of nature on a scale that no one thinks about, don't speak to me of anarchy of peace or calm revolt, man, we're in a play of slow decay orchestrated by boltzmann, it's entropy, it's not a human issue, entropy, it's a matter of course, entropy, energy at all levels, entropy, from it you can not divorce and your pathetic moans of suffrage tend to lose all significance, extinction, degradation; the natural outcomes of our ordered lives, power, motivation; temporary fixtures for which we strive, something in our synapses assures us we're ok but in our disquilibrium we simply can not stay, it's entropy Against The Grain three thousand miles of wilderness overcome by the flow, a lonely restitution of pavement, pomp and show, I seek a thousand answers, I find but one or two, I maintain no discomfiture, my path again renewed, against the grain, that's where I'll stay, swimming upstream, I maintain against the grain here labelled as lunatic, sequestered and content, there ignored and defeated by the government, there's an oriented public who's magnetic force does pull, but away from the potential of the individual, against the grain Operation Rescue it's an s.

God Song and did those feet in ancient times trod america's pastures of green?

I don't think so, he's up there with the others lying low, vying with those who you've traded your life to bless your soul, and have they told you how to think, cleansed your mind of sepsis and autonomy? I can't explain it, the things you're saying to me It's going yayayayayayaya, oh yeah Cuz I'm a 21st century digital boy I don't know how to read but I've got a lot of toys My daddy's a lazy middle class intellectual My mommy's on valium, so ineffectual Ain't life a mystery?

Tried to tell you about no control But now I really don't know And then you told me how bad you had to suffer Is that really all you have to offer? Cuz I'm a 21st century digital boy I don't know how to live but I've got a lot of toys My daddy's a lazy middle class intellectual My mommy's on valium, so ineffectual Ain't life a mystery?

Misery And Famine proud a history, replete with sanctity, orbs in their harmony, they sing their code to me, have you ever heard yourself the orbit that you are in? Unacceptable irreducible is the word for today, plastic compounds and nuclear waste, what the hell is the matter with the people on this planet? A inexcusable are the men before our time, I'd like to kick their ass for what they left behind, cancer-causing chemicals, ozone-depleting aerosols, we're all going to fry, so put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye Quality Or Quantity offer me eternity, and I'll trade a cup of coffee and a dime, looking for a handout behalf of those who have so little time, but who wants to live on just 70 cents a day?

Walk Away shut off the t. Generator like a rock, like a planet, like a fucking atom bomb, I'll remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness that I encounter everywhere I turn, I've seen it all before, in book and magazines, like a twitch before dying, like a pornographic sea, there's a flower behind the window, there's an ugly laughing man, like a hummingbird in silence, like the blood on my door, it's the generator oh yeah, oh yeah, like the blood on my door, wash me clean and I will run until I reach the shore, I've known it all along like the bone under my skin, like actors in a photograph, like paper in the wind, there's a hammer by the window, there's a knife on the floor, like turbines in darkness, like the blood on my door, it's the generator 2.

Too Much To Ask a refreshing plunge, a drink of palatable water, a deep inspiration on a warm summer day, a safe stroll in a middle of the road community, a neighbour who in times of need will not turn away, I ain't no politician, I am a citizen, and I wonder if I'm living too far out of bounds community protection, rehabilitation, police that serve without legitimate right to maim, global awareness, ecological guilt, cultural and environmental awakening, I ain't no optimist, I try to be a realist, and I think that we're living too far out of bounds, is it too much to ask? No Direction a sullen figure walks along a dusty road, his life was holy and he couldn't bear the load, he left his people and simple life behind, he raised his torso and looked into the sky, shouting his questions, looking for directions, "what do I do now?

Tomorrow every day we profit so, leaning towards the great unknown, asking how it pertains to tomorrow aim for places we've not been, trample paths that go between, yesterdays foundations and tomorrow it's the way they say it's got to be, we spear ahead and forge our destiny, who do the represent?

Two Babies In The Dark there's a light on in the hallway, so I can't understand, why you hide underneath the cover, there's a baby in your womb, so don't be scared tonight, because Raggedy Ann is in the closet picking posies, two babies in the dark, like diamonds in the sand, while papa's far away making up children's stories the little one's inside, so afraid to be alone, she's trying to be brave until the daddy comes home so if you chance to see her, please tell her it's alright, 'cause everyone fights the tendency to snap, sometimes it's not a matter of being brave and strong, 'cause noises in the house are terrifying, I'll put you to sleep at night, like a foreign movie, I'll sing lullabies, and I'll teach you about everything, and I'll only ask one thing, please save me 6.

Heaven Is Falling as I walk beneath the valley, I shall fear no evil, for thanks to King George and his rainbow cabinet, today murder is legal God I know that it's wrong, to kill my brother for what he hasn't done, and as the planes blacken the sky, it sounds like heaven is falling, it sounds like heaven is falling, you promised me a new day a dawning I've seen a thousand points of light, like so many points of hatred, shame and horror God I want to be a man, but I don't want to die with a rifle in my hand, and as the planes blacken Atomic Garden everybody wants do dance in a playpen, but nobody wants to play in my garden.

I see the hippies on an angry line, guess they don't get my meaning, I'm enchanted by the birds in my blossoms, I'm enamored by young lovers on the weekend, I like the Forth of July, when bombs start flashing, and I wish I had a shiny red top, a bugle with a big brass bell would cheer me up, or maybe something bigger that could really go pop!

Fertile Crescent come and see the brilliant light, don't let your emotions mask your sight, it's the manifestation of a deeper fight, that affects me and you, my optimism was running high, a new world order was on my mind, but I couldn't believe it when I heard them say, they're blowing it away, and the fertile crescent is burning today, and baby my emotions are too, the cradle of humanity has led us all astray, and we're all in this together don't you know, 'cause our species has nowhere else to go aggression rears it's ugly head, retaliation brings further dread, the two are linked by unseen threads, that wind back through time, I don't agree with this outdated trend, nationalism is an evil friend, but hatred is instilled by invisible lines, drawn in our minds, and the fertile crescent is haunting us today, and bay our instincts are too, the ghost of humanity is warning us this way and I think that we all should heed it don't you know, 'cause we've got nowhere else to go Chimaera you took a time bomb, and a case of crackers, and you made a maelstrom of organic debris, then you took a work bench, and a rusty anvil, and you polished them for everyone to see, you have created an unhealthy monster, but you're nowhere but nowhere to be found, so I guess I'll just cope with my provisions, from now until the day they lay me down you took a baboon, and made him perfect, you took a lion, and stripped him of his pride, then you took a million more varieties, a scalpel and a sartory, and you stitched up a horrible surprise, you have created an unsocial monster, and you're searched for all over the globe, and most believe that things would sure be better, if you'd come down here and tell us what you know who is to blame for this?

FCC, have you no advice for me? Recipe For Hate can't you feel it, can't you see it the promise of prosperity, it's overwhelming you and me it afflicts us like a disease, ubiquitous compelling too we cling to you like crazy glue, and inject such a potent seed it's best for all humanity, the spread of culture, the sword of progress, the vector of suffrage a warm and septic breeze, the pomp and elation, the duty and vocation, the blood of the hybrid it's just a recipe re-living our ancestry the frightful lack of harmony, our fore-fathers who led the way, their victims are still here today, now it's time to erase the story of our bogus fate, our history as it's portrayed it's just a recipe for hate 2.

Kerosene everywhere I look I see exclusive huddled uninviting shelter is privilege, of the sane and competent, kerosene keeps me warm, I'm alone to watch it burn, kerosene exposure, is a pitiful and pointless way of dying before it gets me, I'll set a funeral pyre kerosene keeps me warm, I'm alone to watch it burn, kerosene I'm a man and my dignity won't wave, tonight buildings rage, kerosene keeps me warm, it feels so good to watch it burn, kerosene keeps me warm, feels so good to watch it burn, kerosene 3.

American Jesus I don't need to be a global citizen, because I'm blessed by nationality, I'm a member of a growing populace, we enforced our popularity there are things that seem to pull us under and there are things that drag us down, but there's a power and a vital presence that's lurking all around we've got the american jesus see him on the interstate, we've got the american jesus he helped build the president's estate I feel sorry for the earth's population 'cuz so few live in the U.

A, at least the foreigners can copy our morality, they can visit but they cannot stay, only precious few can garner our prosperity, it makes us walkwith renewed confidence, we've got a place to go when we die and the architect resides right here we've got the american jesus overwhelming millions every day exercising his authority he's the farmer barren fields, the force the army wields, the expression in the faces of the starving children, the power of the man.

Portrait Of Authority nothing more, nothing less, in icon on the wall decoration and duress, which many strive to be, it's the marble statue standing over me, and nobody has the will to tear it down, it determines wrong and right, but to me it's just a stereotype and it makes us lose our sight the portrait of authority, you tell me that's what I'm supposed to be it embodies what he cannot be another time, another man, an oppressive intrusion and a plague across his land, and it haunts him every day, it tells him he has no chance his hopes just fades away, and he lives his life prepared to tear it down, but he can't muster the support, and to him it's just a stereotype of his life-long fight 5.

Man With A Mission rescue me when I get to deep, talk to me there's nothing to tell, everyone, is a hypocrite, look to me, I'll save your soul, now somebody out there must be reading my mail, 'cuz everybody knows, I'm a man with a mission, coming to your town today, I can damn you to fiery prodititon, 'cuz I'm a man with a mission, follow me, when you give up, work for me, it'll serve you well, everyone's a hypocrite, come to me, I'll save your soul now somebody out there must be tapping my phone, 'cuz everybody knows, I'm a man with a mission, I'm gonna fly you away, high above the noise and competition, yeah, I'm a man with a mission, I'm a man with a mission, passing through your town today, I condemn you to fiery prodition, yeah, I'm a man with a mission 6.

All Good Soldiers all good soldiers crack like boulders, the sun climbs up to a razor, violins, new boots, and numbers on a chain, all good soldiers all good soldiers fall in line, when they march and shout are a spectacle, marching and singing will go anywhere the president says, because the president believes in god, like all good soldiers should all good soldiers wait like warheads, when the fighting starts, who will be accountable, a cannibal, a cannonball, six a.

I can see my breath and the clay dirt is laughing at he weakling boy, today is the day that I'll write my friends something I've been trying to remember, I had a dream of a wall that was twenty-one stories tall Watch It Die I was born on planet earth, the rotating ball where man comes first, it's been around for a long, long time, but now it's time to watch it die I saw a man on my big blue screen, he ruled the world economy, he said the rich would never concede, but some day soon he'll be put to sleep, I've seen the life of the forest gree, and adaptations of the deep blue sea, and who knows who is the fittest, they will all soon be put to sleep, on a plunging flight and we're sitting in the pilots seat in the midst of life, people on a dark horizon praying somebody will save their lives I was born on planet earth, at a drastic time full of plastic mirth, and every day I've seen increasing signs, and you would too if you'd opened your eyes, you had a chance, you did not try, so now it's time to watch it die 8.

My Poor Friend Me I know a man who doesn't have many friends, I know a place where he lives where trouble never ends, I know it's hard for him to read 'tween the lines, and his day are getting so much shorter, he simply turns away instead of bearing down, his ship is crumbling, his crew is one of the clowns, he doesn't care as long as he can wear the crown, I know this man all too well, it's my poor friend me, a portrayal of the great dichotomy a reminder of a tragic history , it's my poor friend me and I'm running out of steam I know there are people who are cynical and vane, they point their finger 'cuz they can't accept the blame, they live their lives under a blanket of shame and their progeny crawl from underneath it, lately I've come to see the solution, and it begins with me, but I'm so fallibly human, I've picked the lot Lookin' In suddenly, it came to me, a potent damage of reality, i saw myself in the broad daylight and it made me think about life, I'm not the kinda guy who nods his head with closed eyes, I scoff at labels, I defy censuses and despise group mentality all along I thought that this was only human but I know now that I'm in the minority I'm lookin in now I think in relation to, my fellow man and what he strives to do, we fail to see, there's no compromise, our evolution is our demise, one day you may find, that you are also one of me, a microcosm of the human race, observing those around us desiring to belong behind the guise of salvation, we suffer along the way, we're lookin'in Don't Pray On Me a grizzly scene on my electron beam told a story about human rights, so all of kings horses and all of kings men had a riot for two days and nights well, the city exploded but the gates wouldn't open so the company asked him to quit now everybody's equal just don't measure it well hanson did it to hester and mark david did it to john and maybe jack did it to marilyn but he did it to south vietnam for beauty and glory for money, love and country everybody's doing it, don't do that to me a bitter debate and a feminine fate lie in tandem like two precious babes while the former gets warmer it's the latter that matters except on the nation's airwaves and custodians of public opinion stayed back after vainly discussing her rights lay hands off her body it's not your fucking life!

I don't know what stopped Jesus Christ from turning every hungry stone into bread and I don't remember hearing how Moses reacted when the innocent first born sons lay dead well I guess God was a lot more demonstrative back when he flamboyantly parted the sea, now everybody's praying, don't pray on me Modern Day Catastrophists take those potatoes out of your ear, listen to the warnings, verify all your fears, there's a world outside that's ready to blow and we're all to blame, when it finally explodes, you gotta listen up, gotta listen to what they're telling you, gotta listen up and think about what they're saying to you, they're the modern day catastrophists, they've got practical solutions, know all the right equations , they're the self-appointed righteous pragmatics, and they know 50 ways to save the world what makes you think you can cure our disease?

Skyscraper come let us make bricks and burn them hard, we'll build a city with a tower for the world and climb so we can reach anything we may propose, anything at all build me up, tear me down like a skyscraper, build me up, then tear down these joining walls so they can't climb at all I know why tore it down that day, you thought, if you got caught we'd all go away, like a spoiled little baby who can't come out to play, you had your revenge build me up, tear me down like a skyscraper, build me up, then tear down these joining walls so they can't climb at all well madness reigned and paradise drowned when Babel's walls came crashing down now the echoes roar for story read???

Incomplete mother, father, look at your little monster, I'm a hero, I'm a zero, I'm the butt of the worst joke in history, I'm a lock without a key, a city with no door, a prayer without faith,a show without a score, I'm a bad word, a wink, a nod, a shiver, an untold story, sex without fury, a creeping gray memory, I am incomplete Leave Mine To Me there are desperate times upon us, there are codes of white and black, political resentment and people start to crack, there's hate and opposition, there's fumbling dialog, yet you sit there and judge me and you think it makes a difference if you think I'm all alone you are foolishly wrong, there's an entire army who blindly follow along, and you happen to be one of them believe it or not, even though you try not to be we are of the same plague the other ways we're taught to fear, don't even scratch the surface of the problem here, I'm not blind, and I'm not scared, so many crucial factors exist out there, and we're but one, and they're bout two, and how we come to terms will help us pull through things cannot change too fast, it took us this much time, to reach our current platform and walk this fragile line, if I thought I'd make a difference I'd kill myself today, but so many are like me lost in the fray you create your own reality, and leave mine to me 3.

Stranger Than Fiction a febrile shocking violent smack the children are hoping for a heart attack, tonight the windows are watching, the streets all conspire, and the lamppost can't stop crying, if I could fly high above the world, would I see a bunch of living dots spell the world stupidity?

I want to know why Hemingway cracked, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction life is the crummiest book I ever read, there isn't a hook, just a lot of cheap shots, pictures to shock and characters an amateur would never dream up 4. Tiny Voices the brown and orange sky holds its breath as the sun retreats to the distant horizon, and our hearts palpitate anxiously as we soon will lay supine, and wait for sleep to overcome us and from somewhere in our black, subconscious minds when we're asleep, comes a haunting swelling mass of voices, resonating, its screams of forgotten victims and the cries of innocence, and the desperate plea for recognition and recompense tiny voices, echoes of our heritage, our long and sallow faces turn the other way, tiny voices, harbored deep within as we outwardly deny that they have something to say, and if we don't confront them they will never go away the billions of tiny pinhole embers fade into a morning sky filled with poignant morose wonder, waking a bear a cosmetic peace that verifies the turmoil which we carry deep inside 5.

The Handshake every time you shake someone's hand and it feels like your best friend, could it be that it's only superficiality? Better Off Dead I'm sorry about the sun, how could I know that you'd burn? Better of dead, yeah better of dead, why don't you try pushing daisies instead and I'll never make the same mistake, the next time I create the universe I'll make sure we communicate, just in case 7. Television television, television, television, television oh yeah! I want to bask in your golden light, submerge in electric waves, I need my connection to the world outside the world outside is buzzing like an angry wasp in summer, the candidates are running, and soon the son of God is coming, crackle mental convolutions tune in to the revolution, whereby everyone's included so we'll never have to be alone every atom of my body, blood and sinew, bone and fibre, I can't distil you from my blood, you're a hungry germ inside of me, you're my lover, you're my heroine, my conscience and my voice, and I know that I have learned to let you in I will lever have to be alone I'd take after my mother but she's from a different generation, I prefer my big brother he's so gentle and understanding, and I learn what I can from him by the television light, so that when I'm all alone I know everything's gonna be alright 9.

Individual individuals run for cover, for the multitudes of thoughtless clones have reached a critical mass, individuals hide in fear, under cover, sheltered by the wafer thin veil of intelligence individuals, nowhere to be seen urbana is oozing like a bloated carcass, with maggots cooking in the desert heat, oozing, with progeny writhing and desperate for input from someone more determined congregating in invisible circles, half apart and half apart, all too aware of the insignificance, pushing on with soul and heart individuals don't pray for forgiveness, when pinned up against the wall under siege of persecution, individuals command exception, and accept dichotomy, maybe you can't choose anymore procreation without gain or purpose, languid wills and torped minds, catapulted ever faster by the arrow of time Hooray For Me I can see my teenage father standing straight on a desolate corner, in the shadow of tentacled towers by the red light of America, I imagine how his mother felt when she heard that her husband was dying, and that underground heroes of the tarmac shooting smack were blowing up worlds and Damned out loud, he, can you tell me how does it feel?

Slumber so, you're feeling unimportant, 'cuz you've got nothing to say, and your life is just a ramble, no one understands you anyway well, I've got a piece of news, son, that might make you change your mind, your life is historically meaningful, and spans a significant time slumber will come soon, and you are helping put it to sleep, side by side we do our share faithfully assuring that slumber will come soon well, now do you feel a little better?

Marked if I'm a monster, I am a willing one, this roller coaster ride is an enticing one, on the tip of a continuum flowing wavelike through disorder carry me like a vessel to water everything you see leaves a mark on your soul, everything you feel leaves a mark on your soul, everything you touch leaves a mark on your soul, everything you make leaves a mark on your soul if I can touch it, I can destroy it, if it's imaginable to some degree, I can become it, like a hungry turning vortex that just flickers to existence, consuming bits and pieces until I'm finally extinguished everyone you see leaves a mark on your soul, everyone you bare leaves a mark on your soul, everyone you touch leaves a mark on your soul, everyone you love leaves a mark on your soul everything you take leaves a mark on your soul, everything you give leaves a mark on your soul, and all the fear and loneliness that's impossible to control, and every tear you cry leaves a mark on your soul What It Is there's a purpose, there's a goal, there's a virtuos, and immoral, there's a reason for all of this, and I don't know what it is I am one, and plural too, I accept them but they exclude, I could make sense of all of this, but I don't know what it is the seeds of inspiration never germinated in my mind, the beacon of awakening is somewhere that I can't find, so I don't know what it is there's a beginning, and there's an end, there's a climax, some would contend, there's a way to signify this, but I don't know what it is.

The Gray Race the framework of the world is black and white the infrastructure builders flex their might turning true emotion into digital expression one by one we all fall down the gray race shrivels trapped inside the world it creates it's black and white the perputual destructive motion machine began to chart a course never before seen turning raw compassion into fields of plus and minus one by one we all give in the gray race shrivels trapped inside the world it creates it's black and white I'd swear there were times when I was someone else a person with determination and knowledge of the self but you flattened me to rubble and now I can see that I'm just faded negative of the image I used to be and that's our dilemma 2.

Them And Us despite that he saw blatant similarity he struggled to find a distinctive moiety all he found was vulgar superficiality but he focused it to sharpness and shared it with the others it signified his anger and misery them and us lobbying determined through a mire of disbelievers them and us dire perpetuation and incongruous insistence that there really is a difference between them and us hate is a simple manifestation of the deep-seated self-directed frustration all it does is promote fear and constrenation it's the inability to justify the enemy and it fills us all with trepidation them and us bending the significance to match a whimsied fable them and us tumult for the ignorant and purpose for the violence a confused loose alliance forming them and us I heard him say we can take them all but he didn't know who they were, and he didn't know who we were.

Even if they do quit viewing porn due to their "God must hate me" mindset will never bring them joy because such a mindset will ruin them in other areas as well. People turn the above verse into a Law. A law oriented mind will find the above list impossible or extremely difficult. Others will turn the above into a law rather seeing that it speaks to a reality that lavishes them already.

The bible says to be thankful in all things but if you struggle in being thankful for things then clearly you will struggle in thinking whatsoever things are pure and lovely. Most likely, everything to you is impure and that is why thanksgiving or thinking lovely is difficult. Religious people turn thanksgiving into a law where they do it expecting God to give them something in return nice feelings, assurance, and so on. Often people do thanksgiving because they feel so rotten. If you think God is angry with every fault you make then how can you think any lovely thoughts?

If you view yourself as worthless then you will not enjoy the peace of God ruling your heart. If you find such thoughts difficult then your thinking is probably based on religious performance or life circumstances thrown your way. Again, we are to put off the old man the ugly, the impure, and unlovable image and put on the new man the true, the pure, the lovely image renewed after the image of Him.

What a beautiful image you bear. It is a perfect one. You are complete in Christ, so stop trying to make it complete in your behavior. God predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son Romans Only the religious are daily trying to conform themselves into a image they have of what a true believer would look and act like.

You were predestined from the beginning to be conformed to His image and it is His image today you bear, rejoice! Find one verse that says you became a new creature the moment you believed. We all were included "in Christ" at His death. Did Jesus really die then because Paul said if?

You are not filthy. You are not a wretched person but delivered from such a mindset under law. You are not a sinner. Did that just make you say WHAT? People have no problem casting off all other negative labels but that one. I live conscious of forgiveness and acceptance and not sin and alienation that is due to ignorance and unbelief. If God is not imputing sin and remembers my sin and iniquity no more then why do believers live daily conscious of it?

If God is not imputing sin and remembers our sins no more then how can He simultaneously be viewing us as sinners? Do you not realize that your daily sin mentality is causing you to try and do something about it that is leading you to frustration over the realization that you cannot stop? False humility is you beholding yourself as trash. False humility breeds condemnation and guilt. False humility is what lies to a person making them falsely think they are drawing near to God when in fact they will sense falsely sense a greater alienation from Him.

Purifying your hearts is you removing the falsehood lies of religion that plagues it. Purifying your hearts is not you saying, "I am trash God please take out this trash in my heart" type of talk. Taking out the trash is you putting off that false humility and beholding your true image. Thinking trash produces a rotten religious life. A double minded man is one who is unstable in all his ways. Do you find your life as defined by stability or instability? Be as a workman who has nothing to be ashamed of. Teach the words of truth in the right way.

God is pleased with you so do your best to know it because then you will be a workman not ashamed. You will realize that you have nothing to be ashamed of because you serve a God who can proudly display you before the world without blushing. I hope you do not blush thinking about it either. You are bearing the wrong image at this moment. Imagine they call each player by name and you can hear the crowd cheer in great approval. Now imagine they call off your name and imagine how silly you would feel for being made to be part of a team you did not even play for at all.

This is how people feel about themselves when it comes to God. Again, false humility will make them feel like the person taking credit for leading the Seattle Seahawks to super bowl victory when they cannot even play the game. I see believers ashamed where they believe that when they go to be with the Lord that they will be embarrassed by others or that God will embarrass them by sharing their pathetic life review where they just goofed up so many times.

This would be like the best player for the Seattle Seahawks being shown before a celebration parade on a large screen for all to see every game in history where he blew a catch, fumbled a ball, or caused the other team to win the game, as that is how Christianity views God. They believe that they might get a party hat while others are wearing royal robes for their outstanding performance.

They would feel out of place if people were to cheer when their name is called. I am no good. I am lousy. I am so undesirable. I am so pathetic. I am a sinner. Religion produces false humility. Religion produces the spiritually insecure. Spiritual insecurity does not influence God and it never improves the quality of life, so do not let religion deceive you. Religious people get so angry if you make your image better than theirs especially if they do not perceive you as trying as hard as they do which only proves how insecure and unhappy they are.

They think you are a Cotton Candy Christian. This is why religious people wonder why even unbelievers seem happier than them. I have seen religious people very upset with those claiming to be believers who smoke cigarettes but appear happy in the Lord. A religious person can never believe they are well pleasing to God until their performance is in order, so if your performance is not in order to them then they mock your happiness as a deception of the devil they claim.

Put off the old insecure man and all his labels as you are a new creation. Nothing in your new creation is sinful or ugly. You were created after the image of Him so stop calling yourself a lousy and unworthy sinner. Stop being so insecure. You are secured in Him forever! You are loved. You are accepted and can do nothing to be unaccepted or even accepted more than you already are. God lavishes His love upon you. It bathes you now even if you do not feel or believe it. False humility is easy but humility is hard. True humility goes beyond what your physical eyes can see.

It beholds your true image in Christ Jesus. It is the realm of no condemnation. It is the realm of no sin consciousness. God is not that mean controlling spouse we read about at the beginning. It is about time you cast off the bondwoman and her son and live free. Never allow another behavior or action to make you question the reality of who you are.

Never allow behavior to do anything to your relationship. Get your eyes off of your performance and behold the real you. Put off the old man and put on the new man renewed after the image of Him. You will never find peace or happiness outside of Him, so if you are going to view your performance that is outside of Him then you will live outside of Him by faith and will be miserable by Law sight.

You will fall from grace through a law mindset. Falling from grace is turning from liberty back to the Law and nothing about losing salvation as performance oriented religion is all about. What flows from your lips? Sweet or bitter water? Majority of Christians have a mixture of both but that is a double minded impossibility. Purify your hearts! Get rid of religion! See me blog on Galatians ,4 below: Galatians ,4 Ye are fallen from grace! I heard several interpretations but wanted to hear yours…. The common interpretations I found on 1 st Corinthians are: 1.

Loss of Salvation 2. Loss of Rewards 3. Never was a believer Loss of salvation and rewards are read into the passage. I cannot find anything anywhere that teaches that one becomes a Christian anathema. Where is anathema ever stated as being loss of rewards? I only find anathema being directed to false teachers. Can a believer not love Jesus is a question religious people raise to argue that somehow 1st Corinthians was implying believers.

They argue that prior to arguing the loss of rewards or salvation. This is where religion argues that every time you sin shows a lack of love on your part but that is pure nonsense. It is no wonder why religious people live feeling condemned and guilty. I do not agree with those who teach salvation was lost in this passage. I do not agree with Free Grace Theology who read loss of rewards into this passage something they tend to do with most passages that they do not have a good answer for but simply want to refute their opponents, Lordship Salvation.

Behaving yourself proves you love Jesus is religion. It is the Santa Claus religion of, "Do good and get many good gifts but be bad and get a lump of coal in your stocking. Jesus said that the world religious world hated Him and they will hate you too. They hated Jesus without a cause. They hated Jesus because of His message. They hated Jesus who loved and was a friend to sinners.

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Try being a friend to sinners when religion does nothing but bash them and wish death upon them and watch how they talk about you too. Their hatred of Jesus had nothing to do with His good works. They only hated His good works when it conflicted with their own man-made laws. Here is an example from my own life about how man-made laws can prevent good works. The late reverend who owned Neighborhood Bible Time pulled the bus we were all on in front of an oncoming car late at night.

This was before cellphones existed. The poor guy that crashed into our bus car totaled but the bus was OK was out of it, as he was completely dazed. We refused to go in and do a good work because it conflicted with our beliefs. We believed a Christian could not identify or go into an establishment that served alcohol and we thought by not going in there was doing a good work as we were being faithful. Luckily, the man did not die thanks to our religious stupidity.

Actually, he ended up fine and our Bible Time founder was fined by the police for his bad judgment. The good works Jesus did on the Sabbath was not considered anything but good but the fact that He violated their man-made law made them hate Him. Religion will hate you too if you do not follow their list of man-made laws that they claim is from God.

They put you under laws and then have the nerve to say that you are not under the law?? Go figure. Peter said to let others see our good works 1st Peter We were to do good to those who spitefully use us. Jesus told us to let men see our good works as that is not what would be hated.

Jesus said that if they received His message then they will receive yours. However, they hated Him and had nothing to do with His message but rejected His sayings, and they will reject yours too the Lord said. It is the message they hate. Religion will not hate you if you do not turn on rock music when they are in your presence but they will hate your "freedom. The gospel and its simplicity is what they hate as that is why grace believers are accused of easy-believism or cheap grace. It's not cheap but freely given. I know their fruits by what proceeds from their lips.

The message of condemnation and Law is a dead giveaway to me that I am dealing with a religious person who knows not love. He has not experienced the love that begets love. The love they believe is very conditional. You got to prove you love Jesus in religion by doing this or refraining from that.

You better love Jesus with all of your heart because sin of any kind shows lack of love on your part they claim. What a load of manure religion preaches! Those who talk like that do not love Jesus. No wonder they live feeling guilty and condemned. No wonder they have to listen to sermons all day or Christian music to hopefully arouse nice feelings of assurance they lack.

They are like Saul who needed David to play his harp to rid the spirit plaguing them. Love does compel a person but religion preaches it backwards or they insert what you will be compelled to do or not do.

WHY I LEFT THE WORD OF FAITH AND RHEMA by John Edwards | UC Ministries Blog

Instead of a person beholding the love of Christ is when a person is made to feel guilty for not loving Christ through their behavior. When you "try" to love Christ by behavior is when you will be conscious of the exact opposite. I do not tell people, "If you love Jesus then you will NOT be doing this or that" as I do not make a law out of how love will affect them.

Love affects each person differently. Do you love your spouse or children? Do you do exactly the same things other couples do within their marriage or with their children? I love hot fudge sundaes but that does not mean you will too if you have love. If love tells you to start a bus ministry does not mean the other person will experience the same passion as you when they behold His love for them.

If love tells a person to read their bible for an hour does not mean that it will happen to the other person who only feels like reading his bible once or twice a week. Let love change them however it sees fit. Love will be seen demonstrated toward others but religion wants it to be seen in how many more rules one can impose upon themselves without fainting. I do not define a person as loving Jesus by how many rules they obey. I define it as them embracing from the heart the pure gospel of grace. Fear is of the flesh but pure love reaches the heart.

The gospel is the message of love and not condemnation. The gospel is free from all fear and insecurity. A gospel that preaches fear, condemnation, alienation, and rejection is a gospel that hates Jesus Christ. This is how I discern who loves the Lord Jesus. A gospel full of steps and religious laws knows not love. Religion turns 1 st Corinthians into a Law where you better improve your behavior to show you love Jesus or else. If you love me then you will do it but if you do not then you are accursed.

Loving Jesus is not reading your bible 2 hours a day followed with some long prayer. Loving Jesus is not avoiding a glass of wine with dinner. Loving Jesus is not listening only to Christian music without a beat. Loving Jesus is not wearing a skirt 2 inches below your knee. Loving Jesus is not refusing to paint your hair different colors. Loving Jesus is not doing your utmost to obey every religious or Mosaic command. Those who preach such things do not know love or grace. Love might result in reading your bible but it is not defined as loving Jesus.

How could it when nobody in those days carried the book of Ephesians in their back pocket? How could it when no pocket NT existed with the words of Christ in red back then? These were later added rules imposed upon Christians by religion. Let me ask you, do you feel guilty if you fail to read your bible? Would that be law or love talking?

Religion or grace talking? Hating Jesus is one denying Him. Such people often define their love by feelings or their good works but those who love Him will obey the gospel. How can you claim to love someone when you reject their message? What I can say about verse 22 is that Paul was not talking about believers.

It was our way of excluding him. You are to have nothing to do with such a person who preaches poison. It is the total exclusion of a person from the Jewish community. It is a form of shunning , and is similar to vitandus excommunication in the Catholic Church. Do not be reading their articles, listening to their sermons, inviting them into their homes for bible discussions, or even attending their churches. Those who ignore this advice are the same ones who keep wondering why they do not have assurance.

They are the same ones who always feel condemned, guilty, and fearful. They are having fellowship with darkness. These are people who have not yet been made perfect in love. It is the message of love that removes insecurities but it is the message of religion that instills insecurity. Insecurity teachers are those that do not love our Lord.

The above is a good reason to avoid religious false teachers. These men never deliver on the freedom they promise. Only a religious person will define freedom based on their behavior but ignore that they feel inwardly like dead men bones. The truth is, false teachers were the ones considered accursed.

Those who lived under the Law were under a curse. These false brethren can be those who crept in unaware. It had nothing to do with having sex with Temple prostitutes 1 st Corinthians 6. It had nothing to do with Corinthians being carnal 1 st Corinthians 3. Paul spoke wonderful things about these carnal Corinthians.

Clearly, not loving Jesus did not imply those things. Being accursed was clearly tied to false teachers preaching Law and denying the message of Christ. Here is how the Mirror Bible paraphrased 1 st Corinthians Anyone who prefers the law above grace remains under the curse mentality. Jesus Christ has come; grace is the authority of his Lordship; we are so fond of him! He is the Messiah the world was waiting for. Deuteronomy 28 would no longer be the motivation or the measure of right or wrong behavior! The Mirror is a paraphrase and yet people read it as though it is was to be an exact translation and refuse to read it further.

You can disagree with the Mirror Bible as there are even things I do not see eye to eye with Francois du Toit, but it is a wonderful read that I highly recommend. Also, I quoted his paraphrase to show that he too sees verse 22 as referring to those preferring the Law. To not love Jesus means what to you? To be accursed means what to you?

I hope your answer is not fleshly and performance oriented because that could very well be identifying you to the law church law or Mosaic and not loving Christ. Make room for the Master! See my blog on Galatians Can I be an anathema? Galatians I borrowed from my blog on water baptism to write this. What are they saved from? Can you prove it? Can you quote one verse that states that? Do you even realize that not one verse in the synoptic gospels speak of going to Gehenna for not believing? Do you also realize that Paul never once talked about any Gehenna or hell even once?

I heard one grace teacher claim that the reason Paul never preached on hell was due to him proclaiming grace and that hell was part of the OT law message. OK, then why was hell never taught in the OT? Why was Gehenna and the burning of children something God detested and said that it never came into His mind Jeremiah if Gehenna was created by God? If hell was supposedly preached to people under Law then why did Moses who brought the Law never once preached it?

People simply want their hell. This is important because if it meant one thing in the OT then how would people have understood it to be anything different in the NT. I want you to see that "shall be saved" never referred to an after death experience from some place called hell. Psalm , 7, Proverbs Isaiah Praise God that Israel will not go to hell in some afterlife??

Does that make sense to you?? The above verse was talked about in Romans. Paul's prayer for Israel was that THEY might be saved and that clearly had no after death reference to it. Jeremiah Try your best to come up with an after death salvation in Jeremiah Jeremiah Shall be saved often referred to a specific people during a specific time being saved spared from a specific event. It could refer to being saved from pestilence. It could refer to a specific people being saved from their specific enemies of that day. It can refer to being saved from certain physical death.

However, it NEVER once referred to being saved in an after death experience from some place called hellfire. You are only reading such things into verses. See if the verse is talking about physical death in the context. The above phrase was also stated in Matthew and Mark Are we talking about an after death experience? Was Jesus preaching His death, burial, and resurrection gospel to be saved here? What shall be saved?

Look at those verses again and notice that what you were taught by religion does not exist in any of those verses where "shall be saved" were used. Mark Damned does not mean hellfire. The person who eats with a weak conscience in Romans is said to be damned but it was not talking about the next life. The warning of Gehenna was only preached during a specific time to a specific people. See where Gentiles were ever warned once of Gehenna in the writings of Paul. Gehenna never spoke of a future resurrection where one would be raised to go to this Gehenna.

Gehenna was a warning about something coming to the land of the living and to a specific land only. Adam was a "living soul" according to Paul in 1st Corinthians 15 but Jesus is the quickening spirit. Adam, the living soul, brought death to mankind, but Jesus brought life to the same mankind. In Adam all die but in Christ the same all shall be made alive.

Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? It clearly does not refer to some ghost within you but your very physical life. The above verse was speaking to a complete destruction of the person and not what awaits a person after they die. It was never "fear Him when you die because He will destroy you in Gehenna" as this was only a warning to specific people during a specific time and not what awaits them after they die. Anyways, how do you define the word "kill"?

Religion wants to make this one reference to mean "deprived of spiritual life How do you kill the body but not technically kill the soul simultaneously? Do you honestly believe that inside one sentence that Jesus was speaking of a literal physical death to the body but an eternal conscious killing of the soul? Do you really think the body gets killed but the killing of the soul only refers to eternal misery?

If someone said to you, "I am going to kill my cat and dog" then are you going to assume that he is implying death to the cat but misery to the dog? Again, be sure to look up the word "kill" in a concordance and read every NT reference and see where it once meant something other than a literal kill. If you are still going to accept that kill is not a literal kill inside of one verse then be sure not to scold the Jehovah Witnesses for being inconsistent for their moving of the comma from "Truly I say unto you, Today thou shalt be with me in paradise" to "Truly I say unto you today, thou shalt be with me in paradise" inside of one verse only because you my religious friend proved to be far more inconsistent than your fellow cult organization.

Only the tradition of the Pharisees taught that their soul would go to be with Abraham. They were not new expressions when He spoke them Luke 16 The phrases mentioned above, and a great number more, have absolutely no Scriptural foundation. Religion is preaching Pharisee tradition to this very day. Abraham's bosom was never taught in the OT but only in the Talmud.

Do not confuse Gehenna with hades in Luke See my blog on Luke 16 and the parable of the rich man in hades: Question: Luke Parable or Literal? After death rest? No, there is no after death experience being addressed here. Did Jesus lay down His physical life or are we talking about something entirely different because the Greek word used was soul? The wages of sin was death and Jesus died. Acts Still no after death experience or hell in the above verses.

You cannot say, "saved from hell" when such words simply never exist. People want their hell and will read it back into the verse. They will read verses from all over the place and will try to make "shall be saved in the afterlife from hellfire" seem plausible. I find it wicked, deceitful, and the reason why so many struggle to know, "Have I really been saved? I am worried that I might die and go to hell.

Today, we can quote millions who are fearing and saying something never feared or talked about in the NT but that is thanks to modern day Pharisees who even turned Jesus into one of their Pharisees. Where is the NT fear believers had of their loved ones who were not believers that they will go to some hell when they die? Find just one! Acts Where is the after death or hell in the above passage in Acts 15??? If you are going to say that "shall be saved" is an after death experience from hell then show me one verse.

You keep telling people to get saved from hell in the afterlife but yet not one verse says, "saved from hell in the afterlife" at all. Romans Where is hellfire in the context of Romans 5? Wrath does not mean hellfire. Where does Paul talk about some hell in the afterlife anywhere in his writings? Saved from wrath to come? Wrath in the afterlife??? The wrath was to fall upon the planet nation actually. I do not look to be saved from wrath to come today. Do you?? All of Israel shall be saved from a hell in the afterlife???

I would think so. Just examine 1 st Corinthians 3 and find where you have died in that passage??? I do not see it. Destroy in an after death experience???

HomeARC ML 2060

I hope you see that religion is making you see things not at all there. Get pregnant and you shall be saved. Now do you really picture that as an after death experience? The above verse was used in my former Baptist Romans Road to Salvation so-called gospel plan. Saved from what? Wrath to come upon her or an after death experience individually? Stop listening to religion.

Has your religion cast out all fear or instilled fear in you? If your religion is instilling any fear and uncertainty in you then it is not the gospel you have believed. Notice that verse 21 reads identical to Romans The context was an earthly destruction and not some after death experience unless there is a moon and sun in an after death so-called hell verse Shall be saved had a deliverance from the terrible events soon to fall upon that nation verses as the "sun, moon, day" are speaking to an earthly event.

Can it get any clearer? People still will have their ears plugged because they rather embrace religion. Religion causes closed mindedness. Romans begins with "Israel" and the "shall call upon the name of the Lord" spoke of "Jerusalem shall be deliverance. You can proclaim all you like, "I have been saved from Gehenna in the afterlife" but you simply are part of man-made tradition uttering words made up out of thin air. Universalists view the above that God will have all men saved in the afterlife. Even many Universalists do not see that God was all about this life. Why do you think that there are virtually no references to an after death life taught?

Religion puts so much emphasis upon the afterlife where people live this life full of fear as they are constantly thinking what lies beyond deaths door with a sense of dread. Religion and Universalism is all about the next life even though they will disagree with that but watching them debate will prove that they are all about the afterlife. Now why do you think that every today is asking such questions nobody asked in the NT?

There is a life here that is more abundant. There is life and peace in the Spirit. Get rid of the religion and start enjoying this life! Stop living as though you are preparing for what lies beyond deaths door. Religion is insane with their, "Live each day in such a way that will make your deathbed comfortable. See my blog on Hebrews Hebrews Judged to hellfire after death??? The saved had nothing to do with being spared great evils in the afterlife. Go and look for an after death experience in 1 st Timothy 2 because you will not find it.

Shall be saved had more than one meaning throughout scripture but never once did it mean hell in the afterlife. Its meaning remained very consistent as all you need to do is look at the phrase in a Strong's Concordance. We were simply taught that it meant from hellfire in the afterlife. Religious people are so uptight that you feel uncomfortable in their presence and it is because they themselves are uncomfortable in the presence of their own critical and hell loving god. I did not include everything from my Acts blog here, but if you like to read more then click on the link below: Water Baptism?

Baptism of Repentance? Acts ? Before I will be saved according to your beliefs is to know that I am the type of person who requires proof, as I do not believe everything I hear but need to see it to believe it. Can you show me one verse that says that being saved is from this hell when I die?

Can you quote one verse that says that one will not go to hell when they believe the death, burial, and resurrection gospel? If the gospel to be saved from hellfire in the afterlife is believing the death, burial, and resurrection gospel then it should be very easy for you to supply one verse. Do you want to be free? Challenge everything you were taught by religion and I mean everything. Do not even assume the gospel you were taught must be true. Only religious people believe they possess the answers and that if you are outside of their statement of faith then you are hellbound according to their nonsense.

This pride and arrogance of religion sides them with the Pharisees. I love asking questions but religious people find it stressful to have questions and not concrete answers to most things. Why do you think religion limits the love of God and then struggles with the love of God? The extent of their "gods" love only goes so high and this is why people see their sins as outweighing what God's love can do. When they sin is when they only see their "god's" anger and disapproval because their "god" and his love is pathetic.

My questioning hellfire brought me freedom. My questioning religion brought me freedom. My questioning everything religion taught me brought me freedom. Question everything! Is your religious beliefs been worth the unbelievable hell you have been enduring? Do you enjoy being frustrated? Do you want to continue life questioning His love for you? Do you want to live in fear and uncertainty? Do you want to continue getting on your knees wondering if God is even listening to you? Do you want to continue worrying if God is holding some sin against you?

Do you really want to read another book or online article about how you can know you are saved from a religious point of view that never brought you assurance yet? Do you really think that you will pray your way out of your condition? Do you really think reading more Bible and being faithful to your church will bring victory? Do you really believe that joining another ministry will solve your struggles? How many verses have you memorized to somehow bring about relief? How many more will you memorize before you will conclude this whole religious regime does not work? How many more years of this are you willing to go through before you give up?

Are you going to continue with, "My religion must be right because they have a long standing in church history"? Are you going to keep placing your trust in your pastor because he has a PhD in Bible Pharisees would certainly be PhD's in their time? How long do you intend to put up your guard against the very grace message that you know deep down would free you? How long do you intend to remain closed minded? Your thought life reaps corruption and such a life will come to an end one day. Will you go another year struggling?

The gospel saves because it makes you whole and not saves you from a burning torture pit in the afterlife nonsense. The gospel saves because it brings out the real you. The gospel saves because you no longer have to wear religious masks or even the masks that society wants you to wear be not conformed to this world that is religious or otherwise. The gospel is that we were created after the image of Him in righteousness and true holiness and it is not accomplished by efforts or praying some prayer, but it is a reality whether you believe it or not.

The gospel brings you into a life of peace. It is you experiencing life more abundantly. It delivers you from the lies of darkness that only preaches separation and how unworthy you are typical language of religious people. It frees you of your religious anxieties. It is the end of the law. It frees us from trying to be made perfect in the flesh.

It is you living because of the faithfulness of Christ. It is the realization that Christ is your life. As Jesus is, so are you in this world. It is the realization that you are washed, loved, and accepted. It is the realization that Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world. It is the realization that you have been blessed with all spiritual blessings. It is the realization that you are a new creation in Christ Jesus and that we all shared in His death and all will share in His life 2nd Cor.

We all died In Adam all die, but in Christ all shall be made alive. It is the realization that the alienation that religion loves to preach was taken away in Christ as it was a product of our mind Col. It is the realization that you are perfected forever and made holy once for all.

It is through such an understanding that we enter and enjoy rest. One believes because they see the already reality but they do not religiously believe to get the reality religion turns believing into a work. We no longer live sin conscious as we finally can enjoy an evil sin conscience purged by pure water. Only religious people live consumed with guilt and fear over their sins. Only religious people live thinking about performance and their sins. The gospel is living free of condemnation and not entering it every time you think you did a no-no.

If the gospel is about being spared the eternal pains of fiery torture then you never believed the gospel. If the questions that fill your mind are, "Did I believe enough? Did I believe the right gospel? Will I end up in hell? Do my sins or bad works prove that I was never saved? Your questions are the product of religion today and not the gospel of grace. Cast out the bondwoman! Get rid of the religion! The gospel is freedom. Does the paragraph on how the gospel saves describe you?

Question that religion of yours! The purpose of this blog was not to expound every verse that uses the word "saved. You have people all the time saying, "Do you want to be saved? Are you saved? I am saved" and they almost always refer to some hellish place in the afterlife. They preach their loaded gun gospel of, "Turn or burn. If you are going to say, "Shall be saved" means from hellfire in the afterlife then quote the verse and not read words back into a verse.

You simply need to read Paul and ask yourself, "Is the man who never once preached hell using the word "saved" here as talking about an after-death hellfire? The more light that shines in the less darkness or veils of religion will cloud what you see. I previously blogged on Galatians Galatians Loss of Salvation?

True or Fal The point of Galatians are to those wishing to be under the Law. What you read in Galatians are those wanting to live under the Law. If you want to live under the Law then you need to hear what Law says Gal. The fact that they think like that is why they are conscious of the sins they do. A legalistic mind is what draws out the sins of the flesh because it is rooted and grounded in self. Religion makes it about habitually practicing any such sin but that is not what the book of Galatians was about. However, the verses in Galatians 5 are to those who desire to live under the law as it is dealing with religious people the Galatians who were not trying to sin but were trying to be made perfect in the flesh.

Paul was making it a point to tell them just before verses that they are not under the Law. Those under the law are obligated to keep the whole law and not fail in one point. Those who desire to be under the Law need to hear what the Law says. Religious or even those religion calls greasy grace believers do not keep the Law. You keep it all or not at all.

To offend in one point is to be guilty of all. They always struggle with performance. Those consumed with your behavior are those conscious of their bad behavior. The more conscious one is of their own sins are those who are more conscious of your sins and they like to point it out to you. These tend to be those who condemn others but pretend to be displaying righteous indignation as they call it with their pounding fists and their yelling.

These pastors who scream and shout at their congregations over their sins are the very pastors who are battling their own set of sins that you are unaware of. If you were aware of them then he probably would not be your pastor anymore because you would see him for the hypocrite that he truly is. They wear masks to make you think they are living the abundant life when they are nothing more than white washed tombs full of dead men bones.

Have you not put on the religious smile when going to your church to make others think that God is alive and well in your life? Have you ever judged a person who did not pray over their food before eating even though you seldom pray over your own food when you know nobody is watching? Have you condemned the person that has a lust problem for the opposite sex when your own mind has nothing but sensual images of the opposite sex? If you are going to choose to live by Law then be sure to listen to what it has to say to you You are the one guilty of Galatians Galatians are to those who live a performance based Christianity.

You are the one walking after the flesh and any sin you do is now a product of your fleshly mindset. People read verse 16 that says that if we walk after the Spirit then we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. What does that mean? Does that mean that we will never sin again? This is where religion claims that we will not practice sin but might have occasional mishaps.

The whole understanding of religion is self-centered. They reek of the flesh and are unaware of their own stench. Why do you think that when you join a fundamental church that they have dress codes and how you should talk and act in order to be a member but they never make it a requirement to pray and read your bible at home to be a member? Is dress code that much more important than prayer where you can be excommunicated for clothing or smoking cigarettes but you can still be a member and go 5 years without praying?

They are dressing you up is all they are doing. They are all about their image and that probably explains why you struggle with your own image before God because the reflection you are seeing that you hate has been given to you by your own religion. Walking after the Spirit is how you are free of the condemnation the Law. It is where we have no more "conscience guilt of sins" Hebrews that religion knows nothing about. Paul said that the strength of sin is Law.

What can I do to make God not angry with me? It is those thoughts that give the sin in your life strength. Those who believe God is angry and disgusted with them will find sinning easier because that is what their mind is consumed with. How often do you think of your faults and sins? How often are you trying to "improve" yourself because all you see are flaws before you and God. It is called fig leaves and you are trying to sow as many on to make your flesh feel better.

We naturally think that an angry God who is just sick and tired of the likes of us will prompt us to try harder to not sin but the opposite is true. We might try harder but the end results leave us feeling alone, miserable, and defeated. We all discovered that the harder we try not to sin the greater the fall will be.

Have you not resisted some sin so hard that eventually you found yourself doing that sin to a greater extent than ever before? However, the pattern only repeats itself as this is the flesh life. If you live under the Law then you will behold sins of the flesh.

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  5. If you live under the Law then such sins will be haunting you. If the Law is the strength of sin then ask yourself as to what do you think would break the strength of sin? It would be getting your mind out of the "do" mentality. Religion believes that what I said will cause you to live in wanton sin, but to get out of the "do" mentality actually would rid religion of its members empty pews because it is the "fear" and the "do" that keeps people in bondage as well as religion in business.

    We have had religion now for over years and do you now see that religion is a complete failure? Religion has imposed so many rules and eternal death threats upon people that we now finally are discovering does not work as it NEVER has worked. A law oriented mindset is flesh focused upon performance the good that I would. It is your focus upon the law that will reveal the struggle raging within you.

    Walking after the Spirit does not mean that you stop sinning. If walking after the Spirit means that you stop sinning then you will be questioning whether you are truly walking after the Spirit every time you sin.