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What you can do to help prevent climate change, according to experts. Articles of impeachment could come by Thanksgiving as Dems look to move quickly.

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Trump administration changed foreign-leader call-storage methods after leaks. Doctor facing life in prison for thousands of opioid doses. Watchdog asked if UK's Johnson merits misconduct probe. Suspects in Canada murders said they planned to kill more in video confession: Police. Workers on Warren campaign reach tentative union agreement.

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Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard changes course on impeachment inquiry. Next Democratic debate slated for one night with 12 candidates so far. Trump admin. Pelosi says WH engaged in 'cover-up' of call at heart of whistleblower complaint. Read the whistleblower complaint about Trump's Ukraine phone call. Cory Booker talks water crisis, income inequality.

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Cracks found in Boeing jets fuselage part. Authorities arrest 'possible serial gunman' in Texas after 4 similar shootings. Halil opened the metal door and instinctively placed his right hand on the Austrian-made Glock pistol in a holster on his belt. A camera kept watch above the entrance to the house, which was set back from the road. The precautions have become ritual.

Seventeen years have passed since Halil not his real name says he was detained and tortured by Kosovo Albanian guerrillas in a secret prison in the mountains of northern Albania. BIRN cannot identify Halil by his real name or describe his appearance or whereabouts for the sake of his security, other than to say that he lives in his native Kosovo in the midst of those who would have him silenced.

A newly-created court, based in the Netherlands, is expected to issue its first indictments within weeks or months. Others before them have paid with their lives, victims of the kind of systematic intimidation that has dogged efforts to bring to justice those guerrillas suspected of war crimes. But indictments, he said, would follow.

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Due to the time that has elapsed and the paucity of material evidence, prosecutors will rely heavily on eyewitnesses. Many are believed to have already relocated outside of Kosovo and some will have been given new identities. But others, like Halil, refuse to leave. Williamson was appointed by the EU to look into accusations made against the former guerrillas in an explosive report by Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty, which included the claim that the KLA had removed organs from Serb detainees in northern Albania for sale abroad.

Halil has already testified twice in local trials of ex-guerrillas, brought by a European Union mission, EULEX, that took over the handling of sensitive war crimes and corruption cases in Kosovo when it declared independence from Serbia in I have children with their families here.

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Political assassinations, detention camps and a wave of revenge attacks on Serbs and Roma after the war left a stain on the guerrilla insurgency, which had won the support of Western powers as they tried together to halt the expulsion and massacre of Kosovo Albanian civilians by forces under late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic. In a country barely half the size of Wales, the former guerrillas hold sway in politics and the security structures.

Stefan Trechsel, a Swiss judge who took part in the trial of Milosevic in The Hague, said it was of vital importance that the list of witnesses remained secret. They will be on the terrain, they will have to speak to many, many people and they must do this in a way that does not show whom they regard as witnesses and whom they do not regard as witnesses. The identity of the witness, Agim Zogaj, had been declared secret by European prosecutors and he was known only as Witness X. Six months after the interview, however, Zogaj was found hanging from a tree in a park in the western German city of Duisburg, a month before the so-called Klecka trial was due to start.

But he was back two weeks later.

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An aunt of his, five months pregnant with twins, also died in the vehicle. The Selimaj family never submitted a formal complaint to the UN over the killing and a spokesman for the mission said it had no record of the case.


Nyasulu recalled having lunch, accompanied by bodyguards, over the road from the court during hearings before the investigating judge, when a suspect who Nyasulu said was running for political office sat at his table. Zogaj spoke of years spent in hiding, of attempts on his life, attempted bribery and of pressure from associates of Limaj for him not to testify. Zogaj said he had been offered, by people close to Limaj, 50,, euros to withdraw from the case but that if money was the solution he would seek , instead to compensate for the years of distress caused to his family.

But in both cases he said he received nothing.