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Will and the team are genuine, sincere, thought provoking and really good fun! Will is a superb teacher. He has such a depth of knowledge and understanding of meditation and Beeja wisdom that he shares with his students and he combines this beautifully with passion and gentleness. He offers suggestions and practical advice to help guide us to ever more fulfilling experiences, both within the meditation and outside of it. We always finish with a group meditation which is powerful stuff! Introducing meditations into my life has vastly reduced my stress levels and added an awareness and a sense of peace that I am able to drawer upon throughout the day.

I have found my memory has definitely improved, especially my memory of what I have read which is good news because I found that quite challenging at university.

4-Step Guide To Finding Inner Peace And Quieting Your Mind

I also remember conversations more vividly. My mind seems to be focussing on the relevant things rather than the distractions it sometimes gets caught up in. What is most encouraging is that I feel that each day that passes I am getting more and more in tune with myself and that I am becoming a more whole self-actualised person. I learned 5 weeks ago and my experience has been super positive. My friends and colleagues have noticed how much calmer, balanced and happier I seem.

I treasure the glimpses of bliss and tranquility I get to experience when I do this. Thank you! I know for a fact that the Beeja Meditation has enabled me to have a better work life balance and to also remain more positive. I have been able to address other areas of my life and be more open to spiritual experiences, which just would not have been possible prior to gaining this gift. My life is already changed. Grazie Will and Jess. I am very grateful to discover Beeja Meditation through a talk which Will did at our University. I really enjoyed the intensive weekend course with Will, who is very knowledgeable and a great teacher, we learned how to mediate, discovered a lot of interesting information about how the mind works and the benefits of the meditation, and it was very interesting and re-assuring to see that the group seemed to experience similar sensations during and after the early days of the Beeja meditation.

I actually look forward to doing the meditation first thing in the morning and then just before I go home after work as I was lucky to discover a little meditation room at our Regent Street building. Especially the afternoon session feels really nice, my tension headache goes away, and I go home feeling nice and not so tired.

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I noticed that I am more productive at work, more focused and generally I feel less stressed. I am very grateful to Will and for incorporating the Beeja meditation into my life. I fully recommend! The meditation has been working really well. I have found it easy to integrate in my daily life and I have only missed maybe 3 or 4 evening meditations which I feel is pretty good considering how busy things in my life is. The meditation is helping in many ways, some of the more obvious one are that I am able to sleep better without having to resort to sleep aid supplements, and its having a positive effect on regulating my digestive system.

Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm / Mindful Movement

My twice daily meditations are now an integral part of my routine and also help me reach a calmer state of mind quicker, helps to ground me, and helps me make a transition between work and home. As a yoga practitioner and teacher for many years, and a full time massage therapist and healer, I have tried many different traditions and techniques of meditation, and for where I am at in my life right now I feel the vedic meditation is the one that has been the most effective so far, and the easiest to integrate in my life.

Mainly because practicing them was dogmatic and trying to quiet my mind was more often than not a source of stress rather than calm. Meditation has never been easier nor more impactful than now. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in taking control of their own lives. When we left your lovely venue, Little Leo was in a great mood, much more talkative than usual and with a clear sense that we had some extra bonding among us.


That night he was so creative, coming up with ideas of plots for his own comic creations. I was recommended this beginners course from a dear friend and to say I have been delighted is a complete understatement! The delivery of the whole 3 days was exquisite and Jess was a delight to have as a teacher. She is clearly a beautiful soul both inside and out and her whole way of teaching, her sense of humour and her wonderful language made the days pass by at an exceptional speed and was a fabulous introduction and grounding to this new technique which I have now learnt and feel confident in.

Meditation For Peace of Mind | Stress Free Life | The Art of Living India

It truly is an experiential course and a wonderful journey and I look forward to it being just the start of many daily meditations for me to begin on my pathway towards a much more stress free and relaxing life. What an incredible sensation and it seems so easy. Meditation is now in my life and I can feel the benefit, I recommend it with Will and Jess. They are always here for you when you need to talk, they are listening, welcoming and respect your journey.

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Such nice people and experience! With features like a buddy system, a page to track your personal progress, and recordings specific to your given mood, achieving relaxation won't be a challenge. Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe was inspired to start the company after a year stint in Asia, where he was initiated as a Buddhist monk. Rohan Gunatillake ditched his pursuit of chemistry, in which he obtained a master's from the University of Oxford, to focus instead on building an app called Buddhify.

Features include 80 guided meditations, optimized for your daily schedule: choose from scenarios like "working online" or "waking up," for example. Here are a few different meditation techniques that I use depending on the situation and what I hope will be the result:. I gently follow my breath and notice how it moves naturally into and out of my body. I find this technique instantly calming. Others suggest noticing your breath as it passes from your chest down into your diaphragm or belly and then back up.

13 Practical Steps to Inner Peace

When my attention drifts, I gently bring it back. I use breathing meditation to calm myself, relieve stress, feel happier and more at peace, to clear my mind, and to connect with the stillness of the Universe. This can be done in a longer meditation session or in mini-meditations anytime during your day. Breathe slowly and use your imagination. I use visualization meditations for goals, improving relationships, and energizing myself.

If I feel I have low energy, I imagine that white light of positive energy flowing through my body.

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This is an easy way to reduce stress, bring stillness to your mind, and bring calm understanding to almost any situation. It can also be done anywhere, anytime for a few seconds or for much longer periods. The technique is to simply notice what is happening. I like to use this when I need to relax or slow down, or when I start feeling worried or uptight about something. The point is to calm the mind and allow you to consciously decide where to put your attention rather than allowing your untamed thoughts to keep running the show.

Become aware of the temperature of the air and the sounds in your environment. If you are washing dishes, become aware of how you hold the sponge and what the water feels like running across your hands. If you choose body awareness, try to feel the energy flowing in your body. Can you feel the energy in your hands? There is life pulsing through your hands so there is definitely energy there! How about feeling energy in your legs or your shoulders?

Can you locate any tension in your body and bring awareness to it? Notice how it feels. If you choose awareness of your surroundings, notice where you are, what you see, what it sounds like, what the temperature is, and whether there is silence that you can find between the sounds.